who is brave enough to take the challenge?

Lecture series coming soon explaining a framework for a unified field theory.  I already tested loading a video in Youtube.  Bought a whiteboard and dry markers.  Waiting on the wireless microphone.  It's going to be very interesting to see what kind of people "get it".  Will it be professionals or amateurs?  LOL

The only way you can understand this essay is if you abandon for a moment Einstein's classical description of space as a frame or lattice.  Also, forget any explanation that space has virtual particles or appearing or disappearing things or mysterious unexplainable energy or particles, or multi dimensions.


What is space?

By space I mean what we experience every day, in its broader definition.  Has width/height/length.  Space is home to everything in the universe.  Space, a three dimensional universe, volume.  When I say space, I mean the spatial extent where everything in the universe exists.  We start this question imagining a completely empty void.  No air or particles or matter or waves or forces or fields or energy of any kind (if that was possible).  Just plain vanilla space.


Many have asked that question and tried different ways to determine the answer.  Of particular importance is an instrument called an interferometer.  The instrument splits a beam of light into two beams which travel equal distances but different routes, until they reach a detector or screen.  If there is any difference in the time it takes for the beams to reach the target, we will see a change.  The most famous of these experiments was the Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887.


You can watch the video and read Wikipedia for more information.  In summary, the instrument was placed on a table.  The scientists first calibrated the instrument to make sure the interference pattern was clearly visible.  Then slowly rotated the device, stopping at different angles, until they have taken observations at different orientations (along the plane of Earth's surface).  The scientists expected a change on the interference pattern.  Nothing at all!! they said.  So they concluded that the 'aether wind', as is was called then, did not exist.  More experiments have been done since then with similar results, no change on the interference pattern.  Moreover, it was concluded that light travels at the same speed always.  Period.  To explain this paradoxical result, considering that the beams actually travel slightly different distances since the Earth is rotating, the concept of length-contraction was born.  The Lorentz contraction was an ad hoc theory. It was created solely to retain the idea of absolute speed.  This experiment was one of the sparks for Einstein's theories.
Georges Sagnac experiment of 1913.   Again the purpose of this experiment was to detect the effect of the relative motion of the aether.  This time a more sensitive instrument.  It was placed on a rotating platform, purposely rotating the instrument while observing the interference pattern.



The video gives a very good description of the experiment. Please ignore the commentator's conclusions.

Someone could argue that the interferometer used in the Sagnac experiment is designed to measure the Doppler effect, and that is not the same kind of instrument used in the M-M experiment.  Has anyone ever tried to re-do the M-M experiment with the Michelson interferometer on a moving platform?  Let me make it clear, a change in distance between the source and the receiver is what causes the Doppler effect.  Check Wikipedia for the definition of the Doppler effect.

Possible outcomes

Test one.  If we conduct the M-M experiment with a static interferometer (not on a rotating platform) placed flat on a table:

Outcome A - We see a difference in the fringe pattern due to the additional distance one beam has to travel in relation to Earth's rotation.  This is the most logical outcome.  But that is not what happens.

Outcome B - Both beams reach the target at the same time  Unchanged interference pattern.  This is exactly what the experiment showed.

Explanation according to science.  Space is like a flexible grid that has a fixed location, allows objects to pass through, and there is "relativistic" length-contraction that light and the moving instrument experienced but the observer cannot see.  What? 

Test two. If we conduct the M-M experiment with a moving interferometer (rotating but not at a high speed) perpendicular to earth's surface:

Outcome A - We see a difference in the fringe pattern due to the additional distance light has to travel in relation to Earth's rotation.  This is what the experiment showed.   A simple Doppler effect. 

Outcome B - Both beams of light reach the target at the same time.  Unchanged interference pattern.  But this IS NOT what happens.

Explanation according to science.  The Doppler effect is caused by the relativistic length-contraction plus other relativistic effects that light and the instrument experienced but the observer cannot see.  What?


Spacetime bubbles - When I think of space I think of discreet units that have persistence.  These units of space are there all the time.  They  are not appearing/disappearing.  And their existence can be proven experimentally.


Criticism and comments welcomed.   A few professional scientists have read this info.  Some are confused, most get angry.  The ones that get angry are by far the most helpful, quoting me with plenty of formulas and supposedly indisputable "facts".  Keep them coming.  So far no obvious technical problems with my ideas.